Crow Haven Restorations

My restoration business is based in Poughkeepsie, New York. I’ve specialized in cleaning, and re-polishing existing finishes of antique furniture since 1984. I believe it is very important to work with what you have on a piece, be conservative, and try to make the piece not look overly restored. Only as a last resort does one strip a finish.

I repair, reglue, and duplicate where necessary. I have a specialty in restoring bronze powdered stenciled furniture, having studied under June Pierce, a member of the Historical Society of Early American Decoration. Stenciled decoration was popular during the 1830’s and is often seen on “Hitchcock” type chairs. I have worked for several historical societies, and have many private clients. My references are available upon request.

My studio is private but please feel free to call for an appointment. I’m glad to come to your house for an estimate. See my contact page for more information on how to get in touch with me.


Wilderstein Preservation Project

Pictured are two heart shaped New York shield back chairs from Wilderstein Preservation’s collection.  Both chairs were in poor condition when I received them.  The side chair had a broken out back section.  The pieces were all there except for one small piece of mahogany at the top right.  The arm chair  had one of the carved spindles broken out.  Both were very dirty having been in storage for years. After examining both I determined that the side chair had old repairs, had been stripped and had no finish remaining. … Read more »

This is a NEW website..Please be patient!

This website is a new venture.  Many of the items pictured are at the Beekman Arms Antique Market.  Many are not on display there.. due to lack of space.  If you are interested in any item or have a restoration question please  feel free to email or call..I’ll gladly give you added information or additional pictures. My prices are firm. I feel to inflate a price in order to give a discount wastes  time. Thanks, Michael Fitzmaurice

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