SOLD Dated 1813 ash keg

Early ash keg, dated 1813 and initialed,  iron and wood.  This was used for either water or gun powder    $175

Sheraton Fireplace Tongs

Sheraton  Fire Tongs, c.1830, turned brass and cast iron, 30″ high..  $95   (sorry, the one pictured on the right is sold)

19th Century Syrup pitcher, clear glass with applied blown handle, tin pour top, 7 1/4″ high   $45

Pewter Platter

Pewter Platter, early 19th century, English or American, quadrooned edge, 16″ X 12 1/4″   $125

Beehive skep 19th Century

SOLD   Bee Skep.. 19th Century example in amazingly good shape..little wear, wood top with knob, traces of beeswax inside, 14 1/2″ high X 18″ diameter   $175